What if you are thinking of leaving us!

First Consider: ... If you are thinking of leaving because:-

  • You are finding the system awkward to use:-
    • Ask the Member Support to give you a hand. See Who does What in Bristol LETS: Core Group Roles
    • Ask for help via the [Contact Us] screen.
    • Send us an email (www.bristollets.org.uk).
    • Phone the general number on the bottom line of the website.

  • You haven't had any interest in what you are offering...
    • Do be aware - you do not have to be in credit to trade.
    • Have you browsed the [What's on Offer] screen. You might surprise yourself at what sounds fun.
    • Have you tried offering something outside your usual profession or comfort zone?
    • Would you like to earn some iDeals helping Admin - putting flyers up, helping on ring-rounds, hosting a meeting (just tea, coffee and chairs needed).

  • Nobody close to you is offering what you want:-
    • Would you like to help us recruit members in your area? We can provide posters/ flyers and cards.
    • Have you tried putting out a 'Want'? See Create New Want Listing in your [My Profile] screen.

If you have a negative balance you might like to see if you could work it off using the tips above.

If you have a positive balance you might like to transfer your iDeals to other members before you leave. (Any remaining balance when you leave, will be automatically transferred to the Member Support Fund.)

No thanks - I wish to leave now...

Okay. Thank you for being a member. We'll be sad to see you go.
Please fill in the following, and send the resulting email as addressed.

My name: 

Any positive iDeals Balance you have remaining when you leave is usually donated to the Member Support Fund. But you may choose to transfer them to another member of Bristol LETS.

I would prefer my remaining iDeals Balance to be transferred to the member named: 

My reason for leaving:

Note:  If, when the email is created you are unable to send it from your computer this way, please copy/paste the text into your normal emailer and ensure it is sent to admin@BristolLETS.org.uk . Thanks!

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