How LETS works

So how do we do it?
We have:

  • The website. -  This Bristol LETS website is effectively an online Directory, (bit like a virtual Yellow Pages), and a bank. On this website you can see:
    • Offers. - of skills and help made by members to other members (in What's on Offer).
    • Wants. - The things/help/service a member may particularly be looking for (in What's Wanted).
    • News. - to keep you in touch (in News and Events). Emails will also be sent to Members to highlight events coming up.
    • General info. - that can help when needed (in Useful Pages).

  • Members. -  Thats you!...or will be once you've joined. (see Join below). Members enter all their own Offers/Wants online themselves, and/or maintain their own contact information (in My Profile). The members can view each others contact details and selected information (via List of Members).

  • Trades and Payments. -  Find people to trade with, contact them (phone/email/text) and negotiate rates and terms of the deal (working around the recommended Standard Hourly Rate of 5 Ideals per hour) ...See why 5. Nobody has to accept a Trade when asked. Its up to you. When a Trade is agreed, you carry it out then pay each other online (via Transactions). The receiver pays the doer/giver.

  • Socials and meetings. -  Please dont worry that Bristol LETS is all about computers. We realise the importance of face-to-face contact so organise various Socials, Trading Events and Co-support Sessions. One fun way to earn Ideals is to get involved organising these things.

  • Who makes the rules and organises it all? -  You do - well...we do. But we are you. Every member is welcome at Core Group (Admin) meetings and entitled to join in making decisions. Do take a look at the discussion currently going on regarding our Constitution and Members' Agreement (see Discussion).
    There are some dedicated members who commit to specific tasks (see Core Roles), and many Members who help or take on occasional jobs. All this work is paid for in Ideals from the Admin Account.

  • What does it cost? -  Most work keeping Bristol LETS going is carried out by our own members and paid for in Ideals. There will be an Annual Ideals Fee paid by all members at the end of the year; the amount being whatever is necessary to zeroise the Admin Account, shared equally between all members.
    Sterling wise: Currently the (Sterling) Joining Fee is only 6 (3 if unwaged). We may, if necessary, charge an Annual Sterling Fee or request donations from members, but at the moment our accounts are healthy. The Joining Fee may well be all you have to pay.

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